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Inspirations from Around the World

Here are some Poems for Peace activities and  initiatives that have happened in other parts of the world.

Poetry of



Artist, photographer Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg creates poems with light and lens.  (Click on the photo for more info.) She also helped to spearhead Poems for Peace — and its message of Forgiveness and Love —  in Germany and its neighboring countries

This is
Peace Day


Teacher Fiona Cole read about our Poems for Peace activities on Facebook and then shared with her classes and other teachers. The kids made pictures and poems about what peace meant to them. Here they are singing the results to the rest of the school. 


SICA partnered with All Souls Unitarian Church and Subud Midwest
to present a rich program featuring the Poet Laureate of Indiana
as well as members of the Sinfonia de Camera of University of Illinois. (They also served gingerbread cookies in the shape of doves of peace.)

Poems for
Peace on a Laundry Line​

Artist, puppeteer, Erica Sapir, created a Poems for Peace installation in the lavoir (ancient washing place) of her village in South of France. The "laundry" featured quotes from famous and beloved French poets.


Finding the
Music of
the Poem​
Where We
Find Peace:


7th grader Mateo Mudarra tells a story about where we can find Peace at the Poems for Peace Day Celebration at a Gathering in Venezuela on Peace Day. Click here to download the story — in English and in Spanish.

Poems for Peace

Poet Carrie Fountain shared some of her poems at Poems for Peace events presented by SICA at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, Texas on Peace Day 2012 — and at tje ZACH in 2013, and again at thge Long Center in 2014.  Penguin published latest book of poetry. 

Poems for Peace in a

Gathering of Countries in Germany

SICA and Subud's Zone 4 — which includes 25 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Northern Asia and part of the Middle East — hosted this event in Wolfsburg's planetarium — listening to poems and songs in our different languages while looking at the heavens.


SICA Italy has created a whole section of their website for their Poems for Peace activities.  They sponsored Poems for Peace events throughout Italy last year, and are clearly preparing for more evnts this year.

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